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Mobile Chip (20mm)

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Protection from the harmful radiation of wireless devices

The gold-plated and activated protection chip «Harmonizer» suppresses and harmonizes the negative and harmful radiation emitted from mobile and wireless telephones, electric alarm clocks, desk top PCs, and intercommunication apparatus like babyphones. The chip can be placed within seconds. 
Research centers and numerous studies around the world talk about the negative effect that electromagnetic radiation has on human body. The constant use of devices that emit electromagnetic radiation like mobile phones is considered guilty for causing irreparable harm to our health, according to a series of researches.  
The results of experimental studies favor the view that the intensity of radiation coming from mobile phones is harmful with symptoms such as:
Headaches, fatigue, temporary memory loss, reduced learning abilities, behavioral changes, reduced fertility, even the breaking of the DNA, witch can lead to carcinogenesis.   
The less these devices are used the less the dangers are, especially for children who are more vulnerable to such radiation.  The limited and safe use of mobile and wireless telephony in general from children, is the big wage parents have to win. With the mobile chip «Harmonizer» the emission of harmful radiation is harmonized and they are made compatible with our energy field allowing the smooth flow of energies.  
The non disruption of polarity, both in our molecular structure and in our energy body, minimizes the risks and the adverse consequences that may arise from the electromagnetic radiation when we use our mobile phone. With the presence of the mobile chip «Harmonizer» the energy flows normally from the positive to the negative pole without been affected from the radiation emitted from the mobile phone.
Let’s protect our health and those we care for, by using the mobile chip «Harmonizer». A precious gift of love and life.


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SKU 1171
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