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Prism Harmonizer (50mm)

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Protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation

Be protected from the negative electromagnetic radiation of your place with the known symptoms. The influence of the negatively polarized electromagnetic radiations weakens our energy body and reduces our vitality. This happens because the field they create blocks the flow of our energy. All of us have noticed that after a prolonged stay in front of the TV or the PC we feel shattered, having trouble to concentrate, feeling tiered, discomfort in the eyes and bad mood.   
These symptoms arise as a result of the disruption of our bioenergetic field, due to the reduced dynamic of its harmonic flow, resulting in the reduction of supply to our energy centers and their poor function. Besides the direct effect these radiations have on our energy, psychic and mental field, in the long run, they have serious consequences to our body us well, as we have mentioned before. The Harmonizer Prism creates a three meters action field which repolarizes the negative radiations making them compatible with the human electromagnetic field and therefore harmless.
We are constantly exposed to such radiations because we are surrounded by electric cookers, extractor fans, air conditions, TV screens, hair dryers, refrigerators, washing machines etc. But, we can counteract their harmful consequences, with the Harmonizer Prism, for ourselves and those around us.
A must for every office with a PC, in front of every TV screen, in every car (Faraday cage) and in each area of activity or rest.


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SKU 1122
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