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Spectrum Ball (60mm)

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Harmonizing the electromagnetic radiation

The Spectrum Ball is a multi prism sphere that is hanged in the area we want to harmonize the electromagnetic radiation from both domestic (household appliances, electric current flow) and external (high voltage cables, power lines in neighborhoods, repeaters, mobile antennas, radar).    Especially, when the electromagnetic fields generated are very strong, they become extremely dangerous because their ionizing radiation breaks the chemical bonds between the molecules of cells.  This happens because ionizing causes extortion of electrons from the atoms.
This phenomenon results in the distortion of the genetic code (DNA) and causes damages to our body. In case there are sources of such radiation outside our home (high voltage cables, antennas, transporters) it is advised to place the Spectrum Ball close to the wall or window closer to the source of emission.
Considering the range of scope of the Spectrum Ball (six meters) we can hang it in every problematic area to harmonize it. For a complete coverage of our place we can combine the Spectrum Ball with the Harmonizer Prism.
ATTENTION: The point of support should be firmly positioned because there is danger of injury if it detaches.


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SKU 1123
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