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Golden Hoarder Large (120X30mm)

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Golden hoarder – Right to prosperity

Connect with the infinite source of cosmic abundance and experience the fullness in all areas of your life. The golden hoarder is an attraction pole of wealth and abundance and a reference point of prosperity in our lives. Is the accumulator of assets rightfully belonging to everyone, from the excess of the inexhaustible source of creation, part of witch we are. The universe is generous and available to attract energies from its inexhaustible reserves, to be expressed as abundance of goods for everyone in the material world.
A significant part of these goods accounts to each and every one of us, because there are no discriminations in the cosmic creation.
In the presence of the golden hoarder, all kind s of adverse conditions are removed opening the way to the energy flow of abundance.  Get, and make yours, those that are eligibly yours, those that you deserve. Abundance, prosperity, happiness.
The big crystal of the golden hoarder, if it is about a business, is placed at the fund. At home it can be placed at the area of our economic activities or at the south east side of our home. The small one is our personal hoarder and we can have it always close to us, in our pocket, hold it, or in our wallet.


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SKU 1146
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