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Key of Success (130X30mm)

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The power realization is in your hand

With the Key of Success you master the situations, using your actions effectively for a successful outcome. It dynamically focuses and energizes the organizational structures of Creation for the realization of your goals. The special design and its powerful field eliminate any obstacle or difficulty that appears as immobilization, concerning the achievement of your goals.  Put the Key of Success to the area of your activities and observe every day your actions becoming more and more fruitful, consolidating happiness in your life.
The Key of Success is characterized by a dual capacity. It locks and keeps away any negative situation from the scope of our actions, while at the same time it opens the gates of the creative forces, supporting the completion of our actions. The Key of Success is effective for actions that we have started and projects that are ongoing, requesting for their establishment and the positive response from the environment. Therefore it is appropriate to write down on a piece of paper the result as the final outcome and put it under the key.  
Also, we regularly hold the Key by its axis and by doing clockwise circular motions over the piece of paper; on witch we have written the final outcome of our goal as standard, we confirm, for a few seconds, our intent by saying the following:
With the help of the forces of light and creation, my actions are fruitful and establish happiness in my life and success to the –such and such work, goal, or endeavour-. The combination of the Key of Success with the Golden Hoarder is ideally efficient. Hold the Key of Success and take fate in your hands.


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