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Great Wisher (100X40mm)

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Make your dreams come true

Express your wish and the Great wisher will project it to the celestial forces, empowering it with implementation magnetism. Every wish, desire or dream is a result of the cosmic consciousness which has a trend to seek its expression, through us, to the material world.
The Great Wisher is the mediator between our wishes and the dynamic of their realization. It opens the way by mobilizing the forces of Creation to respond to our request and contribute to its establishment. It is the manifestor of our dreams.
It consists of two parts specially designed and through the law of correspondence the Great Wisher coordinates with the esthetic fields and draws energies that will correspond by helping to create favorable conditions for the realization of our desires. 
Write down your wish as if it has already happened on a piece of paper, and put it under the base of the Great Wisher, the universe and the divine grace has infinite ways to express it in the physical plane.
Get your personal genie, your own miracle worker.


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SKU 1149
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