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Golden Energizer

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Miraculous plaque

This product is a true miracle. All kinds of food, water and drinks are activated on the golden plaque, after you place them for five to ten minutes on it. Feel the difference immediately.  Its strong energy field, caused by the tachyons power and their positive polarity, transforms any negative information in the water. Food reverts to its natural energy state, tastes better, releases more energy, is easer to digest and transfers positive information to our organism. It also relives pain by placing it to the affected point for few minutes.  It reduces significantly the negative and harmful information derived from smoking by placing the plaque in your cigarettes packet. In addition to the activation and transubstantiation of food, the golden energizer imbues, especially the water, witch has the ability to aggregate and transfer information, with high bio frequencies that transfer to our body information of life, strength and harmony.


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SKU 1172
Manufacturer TACHYON
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Date Tuesday, 18 August 2009
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