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A unique crystal oval in shape, which its powerful energy field acts directly and effectively by strengthening the structures of creation with vitality and life force.  The VITALIZER is ideal for activating and regenerating water. We all know how important it is for our lives, when 75% of our body’s composition is water. More so, the element of water has memory and transfers that information in us, in every cell, as well as in our entire organism, influencing accordingly. We can say that the quality of our lives is connected to the quality of the water we drink.
But today, with the aquifers compromised, the bottle water irradiated, the tab water chlorinated and a series of other negative factors (wastes, toxic substances, heavy metals, pipes, geopathetic radiation) its value changed, its quality deteriorated, its energy weakened, it lost its vital power, and most importantly, the information it transfers is damaging and harmful to our health.
The VITALIZER creates a high bio frequency tachyon field, which transforms those aggravating factors, restoring water to its natural state, WATER of LIFE and BLESSING.
DIVINE GRACE, LOVE, HARMONY, VITALITY are the energy qualities and attributes that impregnate it, carrying within us these information.    
Put the VITALIZER in a jar, preferably glass, and after half an hour feel the deference. Drink, when you wake up, a glass of tachyonized water and feel rejuvenated, feel the force of Life flow into you down to your last cell, in pure harmony, full of heath.
Also, the VITALIZER can be used to activate food, by placing it in their storage place, or in the refrigerator, at the base of the maintenance chamber.  Carry it with you, during your travels, in the car, at work, in your rest area, and feel its energy field surround you with its properties.


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SKU 1137
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