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Crystal Spheres (120mm)

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The evolutionary power of creation with infinite possibilities

The crystal spheres construct a powerful energy field of high bio-frequencies. They neutralize all kinds of geopathetic radiations by polarizing them positively (Hartmann grid, Curry Net, ground waters, tectonic breaches) and other negative polluting agents.
Let’s not forget that the presence of geopathetic radiations in our living space has detrimental influence and they are considered responsible for many diseases. At the same time, because of their negative polarity they draw qualities of low vibration making things even worse. The crystal spheres build a very harmonious energy field. They attract and disperse, to the environment, vibrations of archetypal information and creativity, restore harmony and energize all those positive factors witch establish to our environment a filed of light and life.
Live in a healthy environment, peaceful and harmonious. Draw strength, joy of life, optimism, vitality and creativity. 
The scope of the spheres is proportional to their size:
80mm - 2.50 meters.
120mm - 5 meters.
150mm - 7.50 meters.
200mm - 10 meters.  
Attention: The crystal spheres should not be exposed to the sun because they concentrate radiation with risk of causing fire.


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SKU 1134
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