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Temple of Creation (26X26cm)

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The Temple of Creation is aligned to the realm of archetypes to function as a conduit of high frequency vibrations establishing in our space the Archangelic qualities and attributions of the Divine Principles.  Its harmony and aesthetic perfection makes it a work of art and creation, cradle of light, house of spirit and beauty, bringer of Life. Its powerful crystal clear structure dynamically transforms any negativity, and restores the harmony of energy to the environment. Having 15 meters scope, harmonizes all kinds of geopathetic radiations (Hartmann grid, Curry net, ground waters, tectonic breaches) and electromagnetic pollutants (indoor and outdoor) emitting from electrical appliances  phone antennas, repeaters etc. 
The Temple of Creation emits high bio-frequencies to the space around it, strengthening the subtle energy bodies and the organic structures of the people living in that space. At the same time, in its scope, it energizes and improves by tachyonazing the quality of water and food, bringing them all back to their natural energy state.  Archangelic energies from the realm of Creation are established in our living space making it impenetrable to all kinds of situations that could disrupt its harmony, offering powerful protection also to the people who live in it.
The restoration of harmony, the optimization living conditions, the protection and help, the spiritual uplift, the mental integrity and the vital force are some of the properties that the Temple of Creation brings with its presence to our environment.


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SKU 1111
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