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Crystal Pyramid (60mm)

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Crystal Pyramid

The crystal transparency of the Pyramid transfers and establishes the universal energies at their purest form.  Its energy field transforms and dispels any energy blockage while at the same time it enhances our environment with vitality. 
It functions as a receiver, coordinated with higher realms and it disperses high bio-frequencies all around it, impregnating us with positive information of life and creativity.   
The Crystal Pyramid connects the physical with the spiritual realm. The top functions as an antenna for drawing subtler energy qualities, channeling them smoothly through the four sides, consolidating them to our environment from the base. 
It is a bridge of communication with the higher realms and a conduit of divine energies. Its presence to our environment functions as a gate of life that radiates with spirituality. It is the manifested light of Creation in our world.


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SKU 1144
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