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Healing Rod (19-21cm)

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The healing rod has spectacular result

The amazing properties of quartz and the rest of the crystals, corresponding to the energy centers, tachyonized and impregnated with high bio frequencies, make the healing rod unique. It cleanses the aura, strengthens our subtle energy body, dissolves blockages, relives from pain and it brings out the positive qualities of chackras. 
By doing so it restores the flow and harmony, supporting the vital and psychic functions, cultivating a positive life attitude. The healing rod is placed for a couple of minutes on the chakras or on the points of the body that need healing.
In a very short time you will recognize its beneficial results through impressive changes. It doesn’t need cleansing, it does not accumulate energy waste, and it works as a high vibrations channel, receiving and transmitting the corresponding therapeutic qualities.
The healing rod tube is made of crystal quartz, which has excellent properties such as balancing and harmonizing the aura, bringing harmony to the body as well. It also disperses congestions so that the energy can flow freely. 
The semiprecious stones are, from top to bottom the following:
1. Amethyst: is associated with higher energy, spiritual stimulation, balance. Removes stress, gives inner peace, acts therapeutically and cultivates positive life attitude.
2. Lapis lazuli: is associated with inner strength, belief in ourselves, psychic abilities and peace. It strengthens the body and purifies the spirit.
3. Turquoise: major healer, strengthens the function of vital organs and protects against disease. Improves absorption and assimilation of nutrients and tissue remodeling. 
4. Green aventurine: it highlights creativity, imagination, independence, prosperity, career, balance. It helps us see the alternatives and the potentials. 
5. Agate: it encourages love, abundance, good fortune, harmony, strength, confidence, and love for nature. It also has a soothing and calming effect.
6. Carnelian: is associated with emotional warmth, sociality, creativity, courage, happiness, self esteem.   Calms our fears bringing peace and profound understanding of existence.
7. Jasper: has healing properties, and is associated with tranquillity, pleasure, peace, and fulfilment. It highlights the organizational skills.  
Instructions are given on receipt of the Healing Rod.
The Healing Rod as well as all our other products, contribute to energy harmonization, and in under no circumstances do they substitute medical advice and medication.


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