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Kirikion Sphere (60mm)

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The secular therapist-a powerful symbol of health and harmony

By placing the Kirikion Sphere in your space, covers it with high bio frequency energies, strengthening the vibrating field.  These energies are emerging from the divine grace and they have a aligning and reinforcing impact on us, restoring our connection to the divine source of life. 
The engraved Kirikion in the crystal sphere receives and transmits into space the powerful current of life.  The establishment of a harmonious and strong energy field draws those forces of light witch serve creativity so they can intervene to reestablish the vitality of space and to create a healthy environment.
It is important to know that the healing energies resulting from the presence of Kirikion Sphere are more effective during sleep because our body is relaxed, therefore easier to absorb through our etheric body.
For this reason, it is advised to place the sphere in our bedroom and even better on the left side of our bed as we sleep on the bedside table. The power of the tachyon field and the healing properties of the cosmic pictograph make the area susceptible to therapeutic energies from higher realms connected to the presence and action of secular therapists.
Experience the vitality and joy of life pulsing in every cell of your being. Saturate your energy body in Creative information, feel the healing energies restoring the harmony in you and in other people around you.


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SKU 1152
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