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Angel Presence (60mm)

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Protecting Angel

The conscious relation with angels is the result of the human appeal for liberation according to the law of Mercy.
The creation of favorable conditions to protect our vital space is accomplished with the Angel Presence crystal sphere witch is essential for every home and workplace.
As each person has his guardian angel, so does each space, witch, as an entity is composed of all the energies coming from the environment and the human dynamic, it is under an energetic protection umbrella, result of the angelic presence, whose purpose is to maintain balance and harmony. 
But, sometimes a series of external factors (negative thoughts, jealousy, and hatred) can disrupt the energy field of our space, causing, at the very least, disharmony with effects like, grumbling, tensions, conflicts etc. with no apparent reason. By recognizing and establishing the Angel Presence in our environment, a strong and vigil field is created to inhibit these external negativities. While at the same time energies of protection, harmony, tranquility, security and creativity are attracted from the higher realms.
We place the Angel Presence crystal sphere at a point near the center of the space we want to protect. A strong light field is driven by the presence of the protecting angel, flooding the space to establish an insuperable protective energy firewall, catalytic to any threats and negativity. As a result, the harmonious coexistence and the attraction of assistance from the higher reams are ensured.


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SKU 1154
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