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Multi Protection (28mm)

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Protective Shield

Shield yourself from all kinds of negative energies no matter where they come from. Θωρακιστείτε από πάσης φύσεως αρνητικές ενέργειες από όπου και αν προέρχονται. Protect yourself from psychic attacks, jealousy, hatred, malice and empathy.  Each energy body is in a constant interaction with environmental energies and thus exposed to them, according to the qualities they carry. When these energies are of negative polarity and our energy body is weak or vulnerable, its defense mechanisms can’t operate protectively. As a result, we are influenced by these negative energies with the according symptoms. The Multi Protection prism crystal and its tachyon field strengthens our energy our energy field and dispels any negativity.
By wearing it, a strong energetic and protective shield is created. It is very effective in cases where we believe that we are invaded by negative projections from the environment. Ideal for precaution against the evil eye. Be relived from the (evil eye) once and for all and feel energetically strong invulnerable. It also harmonizes and protects from electromagnetic pollution.


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SKU 1167
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Date Tuesday, 18 August 2009
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