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Guardian Angel (50mm)

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Guardian Angel

«To be coherent with the divine plan means to ride on the wings of angels guided to liberation.  
With the Guardian Angel crystal sphere we construct a line of communication with the morphogenetic   fields and the angelic kingdom. The high frequency vibrations and the creation of a strong energy field coordinate our consciousness with our guardian angel. This energy bridge, carrier of divine grace and providence, establishes, through our guardian angel, in us and all around us protection, brings help, strength and trust to the divine law. Experience its powerful and luminous presence to embrace you with confidence and safety, to surround you with the brightness of its feathers and to ward off any danger at every moment of your life.  
The guardian angels, beings of light, are committed to serve the Divine plan and supervise creation. Every human being is a piece of the creation, and so, is under the protection of a guardian angel throughout its lifetime. It is our guide, everywhere and always present, helper and supporter in every difficult situation, deterring risks and removing negativities, in the physical as well as in the astral plane. 
The recognition of its presence strengthens energetically this protective relationship, attracting more and more assistance. It is important to know that our guardian angel never abandons us that is always by our side, and responds directly when he is invoked. The Guardian Angel crystal sphere is the connection medium, coordination, identification and reciprocation of thanks for the omnipresent help and protection of our guardian Angel.


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SKU 1153
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