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Soma Fos (38mm)

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Creative presence

It surrounds our body with a powerful energy field of light. It strengthens our aura by impregnating it with higher vibrations witch raise our consciousness. It restores and balances the polarity of our energy field. By wearing Soma Fos is like we are dressed in a energy gown of stellar light. Its vibration, been coordinated with higher realms acts as a medium to strengthen our subtle energy body. This harmonization aligns our central energy channel through witch we gain access the superior aspects of our existence.   This makes us more inspirational, help us understand ourselves better, give us clarity of thought, recognition of truth and knowledge of reality. Connection with the higher self, cultivation of spirituality. Transforms blockages, mental blackouts, obsessions and prejudices.


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SKU 1163
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Date Tuesday, 18 August 2009
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