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Heart of Love (18mm)

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Love is all around us

The energy of love as a result of inner harmony activated and highlighted by the Heart of Love. On wearing this pendant it forms a field of energies witch coordinates us with the inexhaustible heavenly source of love. Its vibration attracting and creating conditions of recognition and accordingly, acceptance from those around us in an atmosphere of emotional connection and truth. 
It’s the experiential state of harmony between us and the environment that in a universal level maintains the worlds in balance. Feel the radiant energy of love in your heart and acknowledge the response to your environment. Create conditions of harmonious coexistence and reciprocity.  Confidence, self esteem, inner peace, emotional fulfillment. Externalizing the superior qualities of our mental and emotional world. Attract love, respond to the call and experience the wonder of your heart.


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SKU 1162
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