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Apollon Helios (40mm)

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The Divine Harmonizer

Radiate with the brilliance of the Sun the Beauty of Apollo. Experience the cosmic harmony flooding your inner being. The Apollon Helios activates within us the radiant heart of Creation. It’s the sun of consciousness of the world and the center of existence that harmoniously connects with in us the higher with the lower realms.  
It is a beacon of pure light that dispels any kind of mental disharmony, and any negative accumulation, to project the light of our internal sun.
By the purifying and cleansing power of the Apollon Helios, rid yourself of any emotional blockage and any psychological burden.  Feel free from any traumatic experience, fear, cowardice and guilt. Psychological support, self-esteem, generosity, courage, beauty and confidence.


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SKU 1164
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Date Tuesday, 18 August 2009
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