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Spirals of Creation (40mm)

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In one, everything

All creation is manifested as a giant energy spiral. Its boosting power projects attractively the divine principles in every creature.
The Spirals of Creation carry these energies which they reconnect us with the cosmic principles. It’s the principle of Wisdom that is manifested as the meaning of life, the principle of Love that is manifested as harmony and the principal of Life that is manifested as power of realization.
Every energy center should manifest in balance all three principles for it to be able to effectively express the abilities that it transfers to our lives. The restoration of those balances has positive results in the energetic, psychic and physical level of our lives.
The Spirals of Creation offers us this ability, by intervening to specific chackras when you wear the equivalent crystal as a pendant, or by using all of them for a holistic restoration and a harmonious resetting of their functions.
 The whole set of Spirals of Creation can be used for energy therapies (chackra therapy) and with the help of spiral pendulums we can have spectacular results. (On receiving the set, there are given instructions for their use and application).
Opening of chackras and restoration of energetic harmony.
Liberation from stress and blockages.
Therapeutic impact and reinforcement of our energy bodies.
Coordination with the divine principles and establishing in us and around us their cosmic qualities.  



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SKU 1155
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