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Necklace (90cm)

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Magnetic jewelry

Beautiful magnetic jewelry made from hematite and semiprecious stones with amazing results.  Fortified with tachyon energy and impregnated in high bio frequencies, they activate the meridians transferring the stones individual properties to, both our energy and physical body.
Some of the results we have by wearing magnetic jewelry are:  the stimulation and rejuvenation of our body, joy and optimism, the mental clarity and physiological support, the improvement of personal relations and the positive attitude towards live through a fertile creativity.  There is positive change and improvement in all areas of your life (mental, emotional, physiological, energetic, and physical) is spectacular.
The specific properties of the semiprecious stones are as follows:

Neodymium Magnet: increases the oxygenation of blood and strengthens the physical condition of the body and helps improve the circulatory system.

Hematite: it facilitates concentration, increases will power, reliability, courage and confidence in our selves. Supports shy people by removing restraint and boost self esteem. Balances the function of the cerebral hemispheres, giving us clarity.  Facilitates the intake of iron, improving oxygenation of the body. Improves personal relations.

Red quartz: it acts as an antidepressant, relives us from stress and problems with sexual tension, helps the regeneration of cells and energy flow, strengthens the heart.

Jade: strengthens kidneys, adrenal glands and urinary function. It is recommended for insomnia, heals emotional wounds, and brings prosperity, good luck, money.

Red aventurine: helps in metabolism, strengthens the positive attitude in life, and calms the nervous system.

Relive headaches, migraines, nerve pains and a series of similar symptoms.
A precious gift of life. Strongly recommended to your own people.

ATTENTION: The use of magnetic jewelry is forbidden in people with pacemakers, or other neurostimulation devices, in pregnant women and open wounds.  All the above, under no circumstances do they substitute for medical treatments and medication.


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SKU 1169
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