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Man and the environment

We know that the human organism is a result of electrochemical and electromagnetic functions that contribute to the perseverance of life. The energy field that surrounds the physical body is in a constant connection with it, fuelling it with vitality by means of harmonious coexistence with the vital energy of the environment. When this relation is disturbed the flow is blocked and the energy body weakens. As a result we have the creation of imbalances and even the weakening of the physical body. This imbalance is due to the liability of the electromagnetic field of the environment from negative charged factors. The environment in its turn has a negative effect to the human energy body with similar consequences.
Such negative factors have catalytic influence on the general balance are owed to the excessive use of the new technologies. Especially the electromagnetic fields violate our normal functions because it is ignored that the human body is also an electromagnetic phenomenon.  Other factors are the scepto-morphic fields the noosphere, the weather conditions (storms and huge electrical loads from lightning). Also the geopathetic  radiations witch are drawn from thermonuclear explosions, from  ground waters, tectonic breaches and a whole lot of other factors that impair human health. So, we conclude that the restoration of harmonious function of our vital body in a balanced environment is a matter of at most importance..

Electromagnetic radiation
It consists of invisible electro and magnetic energy waves, witch travel with the speed of light. They could be of natural or technical origin, like the natural day light or the electric current. Unfortunately, with the advance of technology there has been dramatic increase in the use of the electromagnetic field with serious consequences to our health.  It penetrates all surfaces even walls and its influence is distinguished in thermal and non thermal. Both of which are detrimental to the human body. Studies have associated electromagnetic radiation with serious side effects for our health, such as headaches, fatigue, low fertility, break up of the DNA code, memory loss, reduced learning abilities even creation of malignant tumours.  Different types of electromagnetic radiation have different consequences to our body, but the most dangerous ones are those with high frequency and short wave length, because they degrade the bonds between molecules. In that respect the DNA code is degenerated causing cancer and other illnesses. It is absolutely necessary to take some precocious measures so as to eliminate those dangers.

Geopathetic radiation
They are the sum of radiations that are emitted from the interior part of earth surrounding earth with an energy grid. Two of the basic grids are the Hartmann grid and the Curry Net. Most of those geo-radiations come from thermonuclear explosions that occur in earth’s core. By emerging from the core they go through different layers (ground waters, radioactive rocks, tectonic breaches) that twist their wave length and intensify the negative electromagnetic field of the planet. This distortion of balance has detrimental consequence to the environment. Moreover, our staying in such an incompatible   environment for our health is very   damaging.
As a result (from those radiations) we have the distortion of our energy field witch cases a series of symptoms with unpredictable consequences. Such symptoms (when there are no pathologic causes) are, fatigue,   troubled sleep, migraines, bad mood, and a series of disorders that exhaust our body from its vitality.
New released studies consider geopathetic radiations, in a high degree, responsible for causing of numerous diseases, with cancer amongst them.
The presence of such negative points in our area poisons our energy and sceptomorphic field causing our vitality to weaken and a general imbalance to us. The main reason for this is the Curry Net witch is immediately involved with the morphogenic fields. The points where these lines cross have negative polarity and they act as a centre of attraction for similarly negative qualities. Moreover, the power of this Net triple during the early hours between two and four am. In concluding, we can’t stress enough the importance of creating favourable circumstances to live in a clean environment, and the sustenance of harmony.

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