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Our products, in simulating bio conditions, are impregnated with high frequency vibrations, imprinting them with cosmic information of harmony, vitality, and creativity. Consequently, they are energized in holy places and power centres where they attract cosmic archetypal qualities of divine principles, from the creation fields. (Wisdom, Beauty, Power).
The TACHYON-BIOENERGY HELLAS products act as receiver and transmitter of that archetypal cosmic information creating a forceful field of positive energies around them.  In this way, the user is in coordination with these qualities and is supported psychosomatically and energetically according to his personal needs. Some of the applications for our products are the following:
1. For the  alignment of the geopathetic radiations (ground waters, Hartamm grid-Curry net and others)
2. In therapy: harmonizing the chakras, dissolving energy blocks and increasing wellness.
3. To strengthen and harmonize our energy field.
4. To bring and establish in our space high frequency vibrations so as to increase Chi.
5. To support us psychosomatically, to cultivate trust and a positive attitude towards life.       
6. To create auspicious circumstances so we can achieve our goals and purposes in our lives.  
7. To help open to the cosmic current of abundance.
8. To Align and connect with the higher realms.
9. To restore and balance our biorhythms.
10. To improve the quality of water and food resulting in the absorption of precious information of life and creativity in our body.
11. To protect and help us in every way.
Tachyon energy is transported though the crystals, and according with their shape and colour, establish respective properties. This applies as much to individuals-users that bear those crystals, as to animals, plants and the environment where they are put. Their properties are having endurance through time, increasing then the harmonic situations they have established. By doing so, they energize and strengthen all structures with vital energy. Their influence is immediate to both people and places and is recognized experientially. The changes they bring, improve the conditions and situations of our lives, both for us and our environment.

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